Star School bathroom website a new revision

The new year is coming, a new starting point! As the company continues to grow and develop, the official website Star Shower bathroom also in 2012 is approaching, a new look presented to consumers in general, enhance (Star School bathroom) brand new image, more atmosphere, convenient and fast. In the implementation of the rectification website, the new planning website features a large number of user-friendly sections and features a bright and lively tone. With the white tone giving a clean and crisp feel, it emphasizes "customer service, Show self "effect. In part, through several major aspects to enhance and improve the site's performance:

  First, promote the enterprise's culture, general situation, products, service quality and news through the images of "Pictures"

  Second, enrich product sales channels, and constantly improve the product's brand image;

  Third, a comprehensive presentation of Star Products and cutting-edge technology to enhance product competitiveness;

  Fourth, enhance the target audience before the sale, sale, after service;

  Fifth, China Bright Star bathroom stores outlets, closer Star School and consumer distance.

  Sixth, more products and star technology show, choose their own star school bathroom products;

  Seven, rich sales network, so that consumers have better nearby to buy Star School bathroom products;

  Eight, new and convenient way to view pictures, a better user experience. We believe that after the website of Starbucks has been revised and improved, it will show the new image of Starbucks brand and realize the powerful network marketing service function. It will certainly surprise the trades, dealers and friends and consumers.


  Star sent music bathroom new website

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