Online shopping mall blitz e-commerce will become the focus of competing Wei enterprises

"Pan Shiyi Ren Zhiqiang tour groups online selling, 100 sets of houses starting 0 yuan?" Recently, this news was boarded the major media headlines, real estate has actually been moved onto the network, began the process of network sales. According to related media reports, in the eju China chairman Zhou Xin's matchmaking, the real estate industry, "famous mouth" - SHOHO Chairman Pan Shiyi and Huayuan Real Estate Chairman Ren Zhiqiang, jointly with 18 other real estate developers co-sponsored the first A real estate e-commerce union, open selling online.

In the bathroom industry, in the past has been considered a trend but few e-commerce companies to test the water in this area has suddenly erupted this year, a large number of Wei enterprises stationed in online shopping mall, began to compete in the e-commerce platform. I opened the web page and found that Kohler, American Standard ,, Jiumu, Zhongyu, Wrigley, Dongpeng, Hui Da and other more than two hundred brands have been stationed in Taobao Mall, other platforms of the online mall have many companies have to test the water, products Mainly related to the tap, shower, angle valve, floor drain, hose, toilet, bathroom products. Bathroom cabinet Faenza Hansgrohe toto

Concerned about the bathroom industry, Internet marketing channels industry professionals should have deep feelings in the first half of this year, began to network sales business is not much, franchise bathroom products, e-commerce platform is also very small. The second half of a large number of enterprises to test water e-commerce, sales of bathroom products or franchise e-commerce products are constantly emerging e-commerce platform, which undoubtedly revealed a message to the market, e-commerce platform has been more favorable to the health of enterprises and gradually Become a trend.

Why choose to enter the bathroom business e-commerce this year

2011 both the real estate market and the industry are facing a severe test, in a market downturn, how to transform the business, where the turn has become more important. Home building

In the traditional marketing model, from a simple store sales, project channels, home improvement companies, designers and other hidden channels, to the group purchase, mining, community, etc., has been a lot of businesses and businesses to use freely. However, these sales channels often require resellers and physical stores as the basis, large costs, high management costs and less and less space. The advantages of e-commerce are obvious, can increase market share, reduce circulation costs, allow consumers to get more benefits, in line with modern consumer life and buying habits. Internet development is getting faster and faster, more and more enterprises through e-commerce such a platform for brand promotion on the Internet, marketing, specialty stores is no longer a single sales channel. Therefore, network marketing, e-commerce by many sought after. Bathroom brand

E-commerce as a bathroom business a new sales channel has been recognized. In fact, home business involved in e-commerce is not news, there is already a relatively mature mode of operation. In foreign countries, for example, in Europe and the United States, in the European countries such as France and Germany, the turnover generated by e-commerce has accounted for more than a quarter of the total business volume and as much as one-third in the United States while the e-commerce in European and American countries But also only a dozen years of time. Internet marketing, e-commerce bathroom industry can become the development trend is inevitable.

Why Wei enterprises get together this year, online shopping mall? Is forced by the situation is the trend of the times. In this grim situation, sanitary ware companies began to seek new sales channels, e-commerce channels as a natural trend will be the focus of attention. Marketing director of a bathroom frankly admitted that even if the current e-commerce has not become a major growth point of business theory, but as a trend of e-commerce, early test the water better than the latter hot pursuit.

Explore Wei Enterprise e-commerce model

Wei enterprises test water e-commerce what patterns? I observed in the summary of the following modes:

Divided from the parallel structure can be divided into online stores, online flagship store of two types. Online stores are businesses with professional e-commerce platforms such as Taobao Mall, Li Jia Cheng and other professional e-commerce platform display products, and then sold to consumers.

Online flagship store is divided into two kinds, one is in a professional e-commerce platform such as Taobao Mall flagship store above the Internet franchise stores; the other is the enterprise directly to the corporate website into e-commerce platform, directly in the corporate website sales Products, such as the only bathroom.

Divided from the vertical structure, the industry is currently the main use of the "online shopping platform" + "physical experience store" + "Customer Service Center" mode. Consumers can view the goods on the e-commerce platform, and then go to the store to experience, both customers "can see and touch," and then customer orders, corporate customer service center or dealer for delivery and after-sales service.

Another way is the company entrusted professional e-commerce platform for delivery and after-sales service, such as home city.

Enterprises in the choice of e-commerce channels often encounter a lot of trouble in the e-commerce platform for sales of products, how the profits and distributors into, if the damage to the dealer's interests how to deal with, who will do the after-sales service? On this issue, there are several ways that industry players can do business: one is to produce products or brands specifically for e-commerce sales. For example, the Antimon bathroom uses a brand new sub-brand called ABG for e-commerce sales and the other is distribution Business transformation, corporate network sales by regional profits into the region's distributors, distributors as after-sales service is responsible for delivery and after-sales service, such as the only bathroom.

Next year, e-commerce will become the focus of Wei competition

How to transform the bathroom business next year? Towards the end of the year, a new round of survival and development issues already in the enterprise. Store model is about to decline, the traditional marketing model is not to force the dealer group is facing shrinking and restructuring, cost pressures and financial pressure is getting bigger and bigger, business is more difficult to do, the difficulties plagued many bathroom entrepreneurs . How to do, how to transition in the new year is particularly important.

Recently, the author learned from Jiumu Group that Jiumu Sanitary Bath Co., Ltd. has reached over one billion in sales this year. It will focus on expanding the online sales channels next year and plan to reach 16 billion in 2016. Many bathroom manufacturers also said that next year will be the bathroom industry's e-commerce year. The author observed that as e-commerce gradually touted by the bathroom, a variety of professional bathroom e-commerce platform also continue to emerge to meet the needs of the market.

Under the circumstance that the old channels play an increasingly limited role, the new channels will be constantly studied. Continued testing of water and electronic commerce as the future development of the industry will inevitably lead to the coming of health care enterprises. Next year bathroom companies in e-commerce platform how to display, we will see, but next year, e-commerce will become the focus of competition between enterprises. (Jie net / Liu Zhijun)

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